Showcase Presenters

AOE Medical

18 February 2016
Presenter: Arianna Carley, CEO & Founder

Every year 40-50% of nurses suffer debilitating back injuries from lifting and moving patients, patients fall, are dropped, or mishandled during the patient transfer process, and the healthcare industry is paying an estimated $20 Billion annually due to the current issues with the patient transfer process. At AOE Med, we have a better vision for patient transfer. Our patent-pending bariatric patient transfer device (ALPs) removes the risks associated with patient transfer making the process seamless, efficient, and safe.

Update - Year 1:

Arianna Carley successfully took AOE Medical through an early exit.  AOE, though in a different form, is still a business with headquarters now in Miami.

Workit Health

19 November 2015
Presenter: Lisa McLaughlin, CEO

Workit Health provides the first digital health solution that guides high-risk substance users through a 90-day adaptive recovery program.

Testmonial: Our NEF coaching team provided invaluable insights that vastly improved the quality of our pitch deck. The team did extensive reviews of our executive summaries and collateral and provided excellent strategic consulting on the narrative flow of our pitch. They went above and beyond. We can't recommend them highly enough.
Update - Year 1:
Workit Health successfully raised a seed round and now has customers and is demonstrating substantial growth potential. The July seed round raised $1.1Million, led by Montage Ventures (CA) and Lux Capital (NY).  For more, see  In November, they presented at Accelerate Michigan as a semi-finalist and was awarded $25,000 as the People's Choice.
Update - Year 2:

Workit Health has raised an additional $1.79 M in seed capital. They are now considered In-network with Blue Care Network. They have three new employer contracts. Workit Health is licensed as an intensive outpatient program with the State of Michigan. They are currently raising a $10M series A round. 


15 October 2015
Presenter: Dimitris Papageorgiou, CEO

Do-TheDoc Inc., a targeted digital marketing company, was launched in April 2014.  The service concept is based upon targeted marketing within industry verticals to users of a free digital document delivery service.

Do-TheDoc is currently serving the Dental Industry with HIPAA-compliant document delivery for free and has realized its first revenue from dental product and service vendors.

The Company is in the process of launching their service to the broader Medical Industry.


17 September 2015
Presenter: Bob Chunn, Founder and CEO

ContentOro is a technology company creating the first content marketplace where businesses will have immediate access to the highest quality content they need to fill their online marketing, social media, and web needs.

Testmonial: New Enterprise Forum and the people I’ve met through it have been instrumental in our early success with customers and raising capital. I am thankful for the team who worked directly with me and for the organization who has remained supportive of ContentOro all along.
Update - Year 1:

Over the past year, ContentOro has changed dramatically!

We’ve hired several key people including a new Chief Operating Officer, Rod Hare, who lives in and operates a ContentOro office in London, two of our interns from last summer and Candace Chapman, our VP of Marketing, who I worked with at Borders. We’re also working with a slew of new interns this year from Lawrence Tech and Eastern Michigan University’s Center for Digital Engagement. We have a dynamic, diverse and capable team who work very well together.

Over the past year, we’ve added some of the biggest publishers in the business: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, MacMillan, Weldon Owen and over 20 niche publishers representing everything from the latest technologies to medicine, pets, cooking and just about anything else you could think of. As we had hoped, book publishers are very willing to work with companies and people they trust, to find new markets and opportunities for the best content in the world.

We’ve built a great website with world-class content from books and we’re seeing a significant increase in visitors. We won the innovation award from the Small Business Development Corporation, Startup of the Year from UM’s Venture Capital Investment Competition, and, of course, Best Business Model from NEF. We were a semi-finalist at last years Accelerate Michigan and plan to do better than that this year!

Since February of this year, we’re working with many world class customers, like Sur La Table, Pet Supplies Plus, General RV, Ulta Beauty, Citrix, Menards, Cathay Pacific Airline and many more. The biggest learning we’ve had is the same as many other new companies; get your product out quickly and let your customers tell you how they want it to change.

Update - Year 2:

It’s been a whirlwind two years for us! We have agreements with most of the top publishers in the world and are putting their books to use with great brands like Cathay Pacific Airlines, Citrix, Pet Supplies Plus, General RV, and a growing list of others. For our current A round, we counted the number of articles we’ll be able to create from our publishers books and it comes close to 400 Million! We cut the cost of converting books to interactive web content by 3/4 and found that we can serve almost any industry with content to engage their customers.

After our seed round, we raised a large convertible note and are working with venture capital to raise an A round of $3M, which will help us to hire a sales team and build the first content marketplace; our mission from the beginning.

The best thing about the past two years is coming to the ironic realization that we needed our own services. We learned that we needed more leads to talk to because, like most startups, we have a small close rate. To answer that problem, we built a marketing system using content from books and marketing automation software that even the smallest companies can use to go to market efficiently and affordably and we’re now helping other startups do the same thing; paying it forward.


23 July 2015
Presenter: Lauren Shampo

TransCuro provides an outcome-oriented decision-making tool for the patient referral process, improving the most critical decision points in the patient care process.  In particular, the tool provides referrals based upon the optimal outcome for the patient, process assistance in transition management, AND  improved operability.

Update - Year 1:

Over the last year, Transcuro has made progress by entering into a strategic relationship with iClinCloud, a population management solution.  This will provide the company with a technology platform, access to customers as well as technical and executive management talents.  Through this partnership, Transcuro plans to start its first large-scale pilot program in a major health system.


18 June 2015
Presenter: David Alexander, CEO & Founder

David Alexander will present his Mobileteer / Redeem platform that gives businesses the opportunity to manage local promotions and increase marketing performance.  Through Mobileteer 'marketing automation', customers get promotions specific to the store they are in, and retail owners/managers get an easy to use redemption process that will please customers and provide the information needed to increase marketing effectiveness.

Testmonial: Can't thank NEF enough for all their help and time spent on my business and success. There are few people around you that have the time let alone the skills to move your business in the right direction.
Update - Year 1:

Mobileteer continues to grow, reaching 200,000 people per month with the addition of six digital billboards and over twice as many WiFi Hotspots.   Receiving additional funding of $20,000 has given Mobileteer room to expand in service and finish production of the Redeem app and pod.

Update - Year 2:

Mobileteer has continued it's growth stage with additional raised funding of $50k. Mobileteer's "Redeem" platform launched May 2016 with 4 test locations, and 96 more locations are to be place by end of 2017.  Mobileteer TV has 8 locations in Livingston County with 32 more locations scheduled for install this year.

Manulith / MakerOS

21 May 2015
Presenter: Mike Moceri

MakerOS saves time and money by streamlining the quoting process, consolidating project management, and managing payments. It is used by maker businesses such as 3D printing service providers, design firms, product developers, inventors, and more. MakerOS is free to install and use on your website. When you take payment from a customer, we collect a 3% fee plus credit card processing. MakerOS is a product of Manulith, a 3D printing service provider located in Detroit, Michigan.

Update - Year 1:

The team at Manulith has had a successful year. They have released a public beta test of their software and have 380 companies with 1,000 users operating the system. They are generating revenue and have secured $430K from Invest Detroit and Secret Sauce Capital. Manulith is extending its seed round with hopes of wrapping it up in a month or two. Presently, they are working on a full 1.0 release for this summer with a new pricing model and working on growing sales. They have brought on four full time employees and two contractors in their Detroit Office which has moved from the first floor lobby area to a 1500 sq ft space on the 3rd floor. They have also opened a Brooklyn, New York office with two full time employees to participate in all the 3-D printing action going on in that hotbed of the country.

Update - Year 2:

Since opening the public beta in 2016, we have drastically updated the system, launched a new major feature, introduced services which are firsts in the industry, and redesigned our website. All this to help you build a business so smart it can run itself. We have optimized how you use MakerOS so that it is even easier to manage projects, clients, billing, and most importantly: grow your business. We have had one hell of a 2016, and an even more successful public beta. The feedback we received from our more than 1,500 companies has led to the new AutoQuoter, Product Manager, International Payments, and more. We could not have built the system without you. With that said, it is time for MakerOS to fully launch. We are leaving public beta and launching MakerOS as a fair and balanced subscription model.

Mountain Labs

16 April 2015
Presenter: Alex VanDerKolk

Mountain Labs helps healthcare professionals acquire data. Hospital IT departments use our cloud-based software, Symport, to protect sensitive health data that is shared with others.

Since April 2014, we have raised $550K in pre-seed capital, started pilot projects at 2 large health systems, and generated ~$10K in revenue. We are releasing Symport V2.0 to the public in summer 2015 and are currently raising a seed round to scale up operations.

Testmonial: The NEF has helped our team [Mountain Labs] create a compelling pitch for potential investors. We were struggling to explain a technical concept in simple terms, and through working with our NEF coaching team, we were able to develop a concise, captivating presentation. This pitch has helped us close $200K in funding, secure new customers, and explain our business in a straightforward, non-technical way.


19 March 2015
Presenter: Imen Alem, CSO & Co-Founder

Pelico's first initiative is to create a stair-climbing wheelchair that is human-powered. To achieve this, we are literally re-inventing the wheel, providing individuals with the ability to use an everyday wheelchair to ascend and descend staircases without additional assistance.

In countries without policies like the Americans with Disabilities Act, people face significant obstacles due to the lack of amenities to meet their needs. Pelico's wheelchair will dramatically improve mobility - the number one struggle identified by Persons with Disabilities. As a manual wheelchair, it will be more affordable and cost-effective than the existing powered wheelchair prototypes. The team at Pelico will introduce a product that transforms wheelchair standards and will grant significantly greater accessibility to people with spinal cord injuries in the U.S. and abroad.

Testmonial: New Enterprise Forum coaching was integral in improving our presentation and pitch. The coaches were amazing and always took the time to meet with us multiple times and went through our pitch in detail, reviewing the slide layout, as well as the pitch content. The one-on-one coaching format allowed us to have a conversation around the feedback, so that we were able to get multiple perspectives and guidance. Our mentors went above and beyond by also connecting us with consultants and experts within their network whenever needed. We greatly appreciated having the opportunity to work with our NEF mentors, Helen, Stew, Gerry, John, and Mike, and are grateful for their continuous feedback throughout these past few months.
Update - Year 1:

Since Pelico presented at NEF, we have made a strategic design pivot. To be more attractive to current wheelchair users, we reworked the design with a focus on usability and feasibility. The new design is a curb-climbing accessory as an attachment that would allow wheelchair users to climb curbs safely. We have submitted our application to NSF and are in discussions with a SBIR agency, and the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research. We hope to hear some good news soon.