Showcase Presenters

Advanced Interactive Response Systems

20 November 2014
Presenter: Valerie Obenchain, CEO

Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS) is focused on improving the lives of patients who rely on oxygen therapy while concomitantly reducing the costs and improving the reliability of the oxygen systems. This is accomplished by way of AIRS’ patent protected alarm systems that monitor pressure, flow and concentration; automatically switch to a backup supply when needed; and transmit system status information to remote care givers via a variety of communication modes.

AIRS products reduce the amount of time that facility personnel spend monitoring oxygen systems, which allows the already overworked staff to accomplish more tasks; and they further reduce costs by allowing oxygen tanks to be use more completely, thereby reducing the number of needed tank changes. AIRS products also provide peace of mind to oxygen users, and potentially reduce facility liability costs, since they can provide an immediate alarm in case of a system failure.

Testmonial: A year ago AIRS received coaching through the New Enterprise Forum. NEF set me up with an amazing coaching team that helped with AIRS' presentation. They gave me guidance on how to tell the story about why AIRS was started.
Update - Year 1:

Since completing the NEF coaching AIRS has won two business competitions. We also have investors and partners interested in AIRS. We are proud to say our first oxygen monitoring product and tubing will be available next year. AIRS has just received a large intent to purchase order from a global distributor.

Update - Year 2:

AIRS has successfully raised $340,000 which will be used to introduce the AIRS product to the marketplace Q1 next year.

Exo Dynamics

20 November 2014
Presenter: Mushir "Marshall" Khwaja

Chronic back pain is one of the most common ailments and reasons for missed work days in the United States. In the United States, 20% of the work force has back problems, and it is the second most common reason for visiting a doctor's office in spite of only 25% of those affected seeking medical care.

Exo Dynamics is an innovative medical device company bringing to market the next generation of spinal orthotics. We’re pulling together modern technology to solve an age old problem. We’re a differentiated, disruptive technology in a market that has seen very little change over the last century.

Our goal is to restore normal mobility to customers, allowing them to remain active, productive and independent. Our first product (ExMS) is an electromechanical back brace that allows for the reduction of:

  • Missed work days
  • Cost of back pain treatment
  • Symptoms of back pain and muscle fatigue

We aim to reinvent back care as you know it!

Update - Year 1:

Exo Dynamics is positioning themselves to launch with a more simplified version of their exoskeleton design. It will enable them to produce the device more efficiently than the first, fully-featured design. The simplified version will be used for ergonomic support in operating rooms. The more automated design will be launched in the future and is intended for therapeutic applications. They have applied for a SBIR grant and hope to hear positive results in the Jan - Feb 2016 time frame.