Arbor Automation


Alexander Mills
Thursday, 18 October 2018 - 5:00pm

Arbor Automation increases manufacturing throughput in CNC-equipped job shops. With our intuitive web software service, customers upload 3D CAD files of parts they intend to manufacture. We then automatically generate detailed manufacturing process plans, holding fixture designs, and executable machine code (G-Code) which they pay to download. Conventional machine programming methods are time consuming and require skilled CNC programmers; by eliminating this step, our service makes customers more competitive and increases their throughput and sales.

Alexander founded Arbor Automation out of personal frustration towards CNC machining. As a systems and robotics engineer, he routinely designed and prototyped new hardware components. He leveraged his background in software engineering to develop a new programming framework for interfacing with CNC machine tools, a project that led to the founding of Arbor Automation. Alexander is a computer science engineering graduate of the University of Michigan and a 2018 Zell Entrepreneurs Program fellow at the Zell Lurie Institute. He previously worked as an engineer at Accio Energy and Fetch Robotics, and occasionally freelances as a CNC machinist.