Michael Antaran, Founder
Thursday, 18 May 2017 - 5:30pm

CARROT is a mobile health & wellness program that motivates participants on an individual level. Its proprietary algorithm allows members to compete equally for rewards, providing instant gratification for meeting personalized goals. CARROT's easy-to-manage program delivers three times the engagement at one-sixth the cost of traditional fitness initiatives.

Michael Antaran is the Founder and CEO of Marvel Apps, an independent software company based in Royal Oak. A lifelong Metro Detroiter, Michael earned degrees from Wayne State and Central Michigan before spending 15 years as a powertrain engineer with Chrysler and General Motors. Michael took the lessons learned in the auto industry - primarily, a focus on customer experience - to successfully guide his own company.

Since 2008, Marvel Apps has specialized in creating fun, engaging mobile games - and in January 2016, they gamified health and wellness with an innovative program called "CARROT".

Update - Year 1: 

The number of CARROT clients has tripled in the last year; 25-plus organizations now offer CARROT to nearly 90,000 paid users (employees).

A promising new B-to-B channel, “CARROT for Community Health”, was recently introduced with Beaumont Health launching the program in Metro Detroit. CARROT is the high-tech centerpiece to support Beaumont’s community health efforts at its eight regional hospitals. CARROT is currently in negotiations with several other community health organizations.  

In the first quarter of 2018, CARROT raised $40,000 through, a crowdfunding platform. CARROT is in the process of raising another round to allow the company to boost its sales and marketing efforts globally.

Looking ahead, CARROT will introduce “CARROT Premium” with the launch of CARROT 3.0 in Q3 2018. For a monthly fee (an in-app purchase), “Premium” will allow any user worldwide to enjoy the same benefits as participants in a CARROT wellness program. CARROT is also finalizing gamified twists to address two other foundational elements of wellness – nutrition and sleep.