Pathware (Formerly Medkairos)


Michael Moore, Founder & CEO
Thursday, 15 March 2018 - 5:30pm

Pathware is automating the cancer biopsy assessment process. 1 out of every 5 biopsies taken fail to collect adequate tissue samples to come to a diagnosis. We are a medical technology company building the Bioptic™ system to increase the accuracy of cancer sample collection and reduce the time and labor required to reach a diagnosis. Pathware has developed the Bioptic platform to verify sample quality at the point of care to make sure that patients will only have to undergo a biopsy procedure once. Bioptic™ uses a proprietary cartridge, camera, and image processing software package to verify that a sample has enough tissue to make a diagnosis - work traditionally done by a pathologist and a microscope.

Michael Moore founded MedKairos to address challenges that he saw throughout his medical education at the University of Michigan. Prior to entering the time constraints of residency, he decided to take a leave from his medical training to develop this venture full time and, ultimately, have a global impact on patient care.

Update - Year 1: 

Pathware (formerly MedKairos), has continued to make great strides in its effort to streamline and standardize cancer diagnostic workflows. They do this with their flagship product, Bioptic™, a portable unit able to image and assess a biopsy sample in seconds with no staining or additional training required. All images are uploaded to their secure and proprietary cloud infrastructure to expand the platform’s capabilities with education, research, and machine learning. Since their pitch at NEF, their team has grown to five full time employees, proved the functionality of their platform, lined up 5 hospitals for pilots this summer, and expanded their advisory board to include the VP of Sales at Philips, the previous CIO of United Healthcare and Optum Health, and the two previous presidents of the Digital Pathology Association. Additionally, they were recognized as the number one health technology company at South By Southwest earlier this year. Together, they have been able to secure $800k in investment with an additional $1.5MM set to close in the near future to propel them through their clinical studies later this summer. In the next six months they plan to secure clearance from the FDA, freeze the design of their MVP, and initiate the soft launch of the product into their pilot institutions as they seek their Series A financing to support their scale into the marketspace.