Dr. William C. Vuillemot, CEO and Founder
Thursday, 20 September 2018 - 5:00pm

SmileBOND Systems, LLC, is a Michigan based business which trains and equips dentists and their teams to deliver brilliant, gleaming smiles to their patients, using its proprietary multi-tooth bonding system.

SmileBOND has won 3 patents for method and apparatus for its unique and innovative transfer bonding process, and its custom bonding delivery apparatus has gained status as an FDA Class II Medical Device.

Procedures like porcelain crowns/veneers, and braces/clear aligners cost too much, take too much time, or are too painful and prevent many patients from moving forward with treatment. SmileBOND is painless, costs less, and is completed in 1 treatment visit, making treatment available to many more patients.

SmileBOND enjoys enthusiastic patient and dentist approval. The company is at an early revenue stage and is currently seeking seed round funding for a 2019 nationwide launch. SmileBOND also seeks team members with skills necessary to launch and grow the business.



William C Vuillemot DDS is the inventor of the patented SmileBOND process, and founder and CEO of SmileBOND® Systems, LLC.

He graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School in 1985.

Dr Bill was awarded the Louis B. Schultz award for operative dentistry and was a clinical instructor at U of M Dental School.

He has completed the LVI Esthetic and Dr Rick Litt’s F.O.R.C.E. Orthodontic continuums.

Dr Bill is a Level IV graduate and former faculty member of Orognathic Bioesthetics International (OBI).

He lectures on Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry and maintains a private practice in Lansing Michigan with his wife, Barbara, also a U of M Dental grad.