Scott Goci - Founder
Thursday, 28 July 2016 - 5:15pm

TrueJob has built a site that asks smart questions that let job candidates and recruiters get to know each other better and applies matching technology to reduce effort and speed the recruiting process.  TrueJob changes how you find your next job.

Update - Year 1: 

In the past 12 months, a lot has happened with TrueJob. We partnered with Ann Arbor SPARK to replace their job board, and we are now Ann Arbor's biggest site for jobs. We also brought on a third person to the team, Brenda Jones, and have 2 interns from Eastern Michigan University helping us out.
Using our experience with Ann Arbor SPARK, we are now focused on selling TrueJob to other communities that need a job board. We think we can use our technology to help other Economic Development Organizations, Schools, Trade Associations, and many more to help job seekers and employers find each other more easily.

Update - Year 2: 

In the past 12 months a lot has happened, and there's still much more to come. To start, we've
partnered with quite a few more Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) across the United States. These new partnerships include:

Along with of course still working very closely with our first partner, Ann Arbor SPARK, including just recently helping them out at their annual A2TechTrek just this past month.

In just a few months, TrueJob will also be headed off to the biggest Economic Development Organization conference in the United States, the IEDC Annual Conference in Atlanta, where we'll be talking with hundreds of leaders of Economic Development Organizations across the United States and how we can help them show off the jobs in their region, with our great job board.