Showcase Presenters


21 January 2021
Presenter: Antony Montalbano, Co-founder

Anthony Montalbano is a co-founder of Backboard. Previously, he ran a software consulting firm in Detroit, MI. For over 8 years he and his team built enterprise e-commerce, advanced analytics, and sales platforms. He has consulted with multiple QSR pizza companies, most recently Jet’s Pizza. He previously worked for Domino’s Pizza as a tech lead on the e-commerce experience, visual pizza builder, and pizza tracker. 

Anthony co-founded Backboard in 2020 to create a new touch-less communication experience for frontline employees in organizations with numerous locations. In 2021, Backboard is launching in 400+ restaurants in the US.


19 November 2020
Presenter: Bill O'Neill

CardioGenerics offers innovative, reusable/disposable surgical devices. CardioGenerics has redesigned the traditional, single-use, disposable heart stabilizer into single-use suction pods that snap onto a multiple-use flexible arm.  The hard-to-clean, blood contact parts are designed for single use.  The flexible arm is expensive.  Hospitals can clean and re-sterilize the flexible arm multiple times at half the cost of single-use heart stabilizers.   These products will save a hospital $1300 or 4.2% for every surgery done on Medicare patients.    These savings could be the difference between profit and loss for Medicare reimbursed surgeries.  This patent pending innovation of splitting single use devices into single and multiple use components could disrupt the $156 billion medical device market.

Bill O’Neill is the founder of CardioGenerics and a veteran of three medical device startups.  His first startup, InnovX Medical, received FDA approval for a cardiac surgery product and was later sold to a division of Johnson and Johnson.  Bill has worked at many medical device firms including J&J Ethicon, Medtronic and 3M Health Care.  While director of R&D at Medtronic, Bill’s team of engineers grew the division from $8MM to over $75MM in five years with innovative, organically grown, cardiac surgery products.  Bill earned both his bachelor and master degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University.  


Hire Niche

17 November 2020
Presenter: Robert Lawson, Co-Founder & CEO

Hire Niche is an online job board that reduces the amount of time to onboard new talent and addresses compliance issues during the hiring process by incorporating video technology.

Testmonial: From Blake Lawson, COO: Working with the New Enterprise Forum was an excellent experience for both myself and my team. They provided us with excellent coaching and taught us how to tackle the art of fundraising. Since we first met our NEF coaches, we have expanded into areas of business that may have been previously overlooked. We have formed new relationships with investment teams and brought on new partners that share our same vision. We have been able to not only expand our business, but to acquire similar companies within our core focus areas. Much of our recent success is credited to the outstanding direction and guidance of our NEF coaches. This is a very exciting time for us and we thank the New Enterprise Forum for helping us get to where we are today.


15 October 2020
Presenter: Randy Kuckuck

Randy Kuckuck is co-inventor of the ZoomBroom and CEO of Aceleon, the company which is developing the ZoomBroom.  ZoomBroom makes cleaning off your deck, patio, sidewalks, and steps a breeze. Its slim, lightweight design makes it easy to store in a convenient location in your home, so it is always handy and ready to tackle these cleaning challenges. Leaf blowers are great for clearing leaves off your yard in the fall, but the ZoomBroom is designed for more common, everyday tasks around the house.

Randy is a graduate of MSU and Loyola Marymount Law School in Los Angeles. Randy started his business career as CFO of BookCrafters in Chelsea, MI. He then joined All Media Guide in Ann Arbor as COO. He helped grow AMG from $2M to $10M in revenue and positioned it for sale to Tivo for $72M. He has also served as COO of Muze. In 2010 he founded PublishNext, an online book publisher, which he later sold to Thomson-Shore in Dexter. Since the sale of PublishNext, he has worked as a consultant, started a non-profit, and is a presenter at publishing conferences.


17 September 2020
Presenter: Ali Alhimiri, MD

Ali Alhimiri, MD is the Principal Founder of MODUS and is a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician who has been providing cost-effective, high quality care to thousands of patients in Southeast Michigan since 2002. His experience in treating patients with pain led directly to the development of MODUS, a digital health platform that improves patient access to evidence-based care, enables employers to implement value-based contracting technology, and rewards physicians for positive outcomes.


18 June 2020
Presenter: Pradeep Kalmat

eSimplify is a predictive practice analytics platform for primary care physicians. eSimplify helps primary care physicians maximize revenue, identify gaps in care and, most importantly, improve the quality of care for their patients. eSimplify's analysis has shown that primary care practices are leaving billons of dollars in recoverable revenue on the table. As healthcare providers shift to a value-based payment model, eSimplify’s affordable analytics helps small to mid-sized practices successfully make that transition. Founded in 2018, eSimplify is currently focused on primary care physician practice but will be expanding to other specialties in the near future.

Pradeep Kalmat is the founder and CEO of eSimplify. Pradeep worked at Aon Hewitt for over 18 years and was responsible for delivering high quality services in a highly challenging environment across various areas of human resource management. The demanding accuracy requirement of 99% or higher in that field  prepared him to rely on data and metrics that provided meaningful insights to identify inefficiencies and improve processes. Pradeep relied on this knowledge and expertise to assess the market and then design, develop, and deploy eSimplify with the specific goal of creating value for primary care physician and other providers.



21 May 2020
Presenter: Ashley M. Williams

RIZZARR is a tech-enabled content marketplace for brands to work with Millennial and Gen Z content creators worldwide. RIZZARR acts as an intermediary marketing platform for brands to find, connect, and collaborate with  over 5,300 content creators from around the world. RIZZARR helps Millennial and Gen Z nano-influencers and micro-influencers to authentically produce high-quality videos, selfie videos, podcasts, social posts, articles, and photos for brands to use across their apps, social media, and other digital media properties.

Ashley M. Williams is the founder and CEO of RIZZARR.  She also founded Millennials Change, an event series created to inspire Millennials to make a positive impact on the world. Before starting her journey into entrepreneurship, Ashley was an award-winning journalist working for NBC News, WBAL Radio, and USA TODAY. She graduated with honors from the University of Southern California, earning a B.A. in broadcast and digital journalism as well as minors in international relations and Spanish. As a collegiate debater, she received a scholarship and placement on the USC Trojan Debate Squad. In her spare time, Ashley is a board member for various mission-driven entities including Techbridge Girls and the National Association for Media Literacy Education.



16 April 2020
Presenter: Robert Alexander, PhD

AuraLab LLC is focused on developing innovative technologies to promote Deep Slow Breathing, a clinically validated practice that reduces anxiety and promotes wellness. Stress is on the rise globally, and the U.S. is currently in the lead with some of the highest rates in the world. Breathscape™ is the first iOS application that accurately analyzes the breath in real-time and provides continuous biofeedback, effectively training individuals to relax the nervous system through Deep Slow Breathing. After extensive Beta testing with more than 500 users, Breathscape was released on the Apple store on 4/4/2020.

AuraLab was founded in 2018. Co-Founder and CEO Robert Alexander was formerly a NASA fellow, Dr. Alexander worked with scientists at Goddard Space Flight Center to transform our understanding of the sun and solar wind through auditory data analysis. Before launching AuraLab he worked as a Chief Innovation Officer at U of M, and for a year and a half he sat as the Psychology department chair for the MSc/MET program at the renowned HK PolyU School of Design where he lectured on Sound Design and Design Psychology.

Connect To My Attorney

16 January 2020
Presenter: Peter Staver, CEO and Founder

Connect To My Attorney (CTMA) has developed a disruptive solution that allows clients to search for, find and spontaneously connect with an attorney in a convenient, efficient and economical manner from their smart phones.

CTMA is the only video App that provides an attorney/client online privileged communication from anywhere and, can be conducted in English, Spanish or Arabic. CTMA is a comprehensive WebRTC-based peer-to-peer, encrypted, connection between the client and attorney. Only the attorney and client can use the channel - the audio and video cannot be accessed by any other party, including the initiating server. CTMA’s application incorporates voice recognition, geo-location, encrypted document exchange, time monitoring, texting, and, can be utilized with up to 5 participants.

The Total Addressable Market for CTMA is $5.4 Billion, based on subscription fees from attorneys in private practice in the US. Founder and CEO Peter J. Staver is a licensed attorney with over 30 years of experience as a managing partner for Staver & Anderson, P.C.

Life Magnetics

19 September 2019
Presenter: Kevin Hagedorn, Ph.D., President

Kevin Hagedorn, Ph. D. is a materials scientist with nine issued patents and seven peer reviewed publications. His expertise is using physics simulations to design materials, devices, and products. He's applied this expertise to a diverse range of problems including the design of solar cells, laser cutting and welding equipment, and now to the transport and storage of RNA for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. He's won two small business grants from the National Science Foundation to develop the product.

Life Magnetics manufactures products for processing, storage, and transport of RNA. RNA testing accounts for 40% molecular testing in medical diagnostic labs and research labs, but it's a difficult molecule to work with. Unlike DNA, which is stable for hundreds of years, RNA is stable for only 28 minutes. RNA shipping and transport is set to become a major obstacle for biopharma as RNA drugs and RNA diagnostics are predicted to be two of the biggest growth sectors. The company has the best solution to date for this 40-year-old problem with NASA proposing to use the product on a mission to the International Space Station in 2020.