15 November 2018


Ann Arbor SPARK Central, 330 E. Liberty St, Lower Level, Ann Arbor

Mobility Showcase Presentations by 2018 GAMIC Winners and Panel Discussion

New Enterprise Forum invites anyone interested in entrepreneurship to join us at our monthly Forum to connect with entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and businesses.

Showcase Presentations by 2018 GAMIC Winners

At this month's Forum, we are showcasing 2018 Global Automotive Mobility Innovation Competition (GAMIC) winners at our November forum. NEF has been a long-term supporter of GAMIC and NEF coaches have provided guidance to these teams during semi-finals and finals this year.

The four winners won the first place in each category at the 2018 Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress (SAE-WCX). Metro-Detroit and Ann Arbor have become Centers for Mobility innovation and many innovators and entrepreneurs are engaged in bringing their technologies to the industry.

These founders are eager to present their venture to the entrepreneurial community at this event.

This event gives the start-ups the opportunity to practice presenting to investors and others interested in the Detroit Area entrepreneurial community. They would greatly appreciate your feedback, insights and encouragement. You will also learn a few tips and techniques in sharpening your own pitch for your venture.

Join us at this meeting to ask questions, keep pace with local entrepreneurs, and connect with people who support the local start-up community.


Dean Zody, Founder & CEO.  GhostWave is developing a leading-edge, multi-factor Superior Size Weight and Power (SWaP) Detect and Avoid System (DAAS). It is positioned to be employed in both military and civilian Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). GhostWave will provide a DAAS solution incorporating a novel patented RF noise radar system which allows for distance object detection, approximate object classification, and an immunity to being jammed or even detected. This radar also allows UASs to fly in swarms without the risk of each individual DAAS radar interfering with others. The company will incorporate a state-of-the-art sensor fusion package to ensure each sensor system’s capabilities compliment that of the others and maximizes the functionality of the fielded DAAS system.

Dean Zody is a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications with Lucent Technologies/Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia.  Prior to forming GhostWave two years ago, Dean was Operations Director for a remote services center in Romania.  Dean’s international experience includes China, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, France and Romania. Dean has an Engineering degree and an MBA from The Ohio State University.  He also has a smoking hot wife, son, dog and enjoys beekeeping.


Evgeny Klochikhin, Founder & CEO. Parkofon is a smart mobility company that provides a fully automated parking payment and guidance system. When the driver parks in a legal space they can just park and walk away; the platform knows exactly where they are, how long they can stay there, and sends them expiration alerts. When they return and drive on, Parkofon automatically charges them for the actual time they spent parked. Parkofon has partnered with Avis Budget Group to pilot and deploy its solution to rental drivers. The company has relationships with major U.S. and foreign cities and parking companies to offer hourly garage parking to its customers and provide user analytics.

Evgeny Klochikhin, PhD, has over 10 years of experience in data science, technology, and public relations. Prior to starting Parkofon in 2016, he led several large-scale U.S. and international projects in innovation policy and technology management worth over US$4 million where he developed novel computational approaches to data management, text analysis, and statistical systems. Dr. Klochikhin authored multiple articles, papers, and book chapters on the subjects of innovation policy and data science.

Pivot Materials

Raju Patil, Co-Founder and Engineering Manager. Pivot Materials, is a women owned advanced materials provider, specializing in bamboo and rice vestige fiber composite plastic for injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming applications. Our material is light-weight, sustainable, durable, and cost competitive and no tooling changes are required in typical manufacturing processes. Our focus is on the automotive, packaging, and home and housewares industries, with automotive as our beachhead.

Raju Patil is an Entrepreneur, Innovator and Mechanical Engineer. Combining those skills, plus his passion for sustainability that is engrained by his upbringing in rural India lead him to co-found a sustainable material manufacturer. Pivots goals and Raju’s are the same: Change the plastics industry. Raju has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Karnataka University in India.  With about 20 years of experience in plastics and the automotive industry, his experience lead to him work in India, Japan and the US. His career started on the shop floor, then moved to part design and eventually to managing multi-national teams as well as luxury automotive design, prior to Pivot.

Raju lives with his wife in Farmington Hills and in his spare time enjoys traveling, learning about ancient cultures and napping.

Scientel (GENSONIX)

Norman T Kutemperor, Founder & CEO.  GENSONIX is an advanced DBMS system that is a serious contender to SQL databases. Gensonix can tackle many problems that are difficult or nearly impossible with SQL databases. Gensonix incorporates multi-modeling; a feature that allows structured data to be stored in tables and unstructured data to be stored in document stores thereby vastly improving data storage and processing efficiency. Gensonix is highly scalable and can reach more than 16000 DB nodes on HPC systems and supercomputers. Gensonix only requires 1 CPU core per DB node and can scale to an entire supercomputer utilizing all CPU cores available within the system.

Norman is the Founder and President of Scientel Information Technology, Inc., Novi, Michigan. He has a BS Degree in Combined Sciences from Carroll College, Helena, MT.  He is the Developer of Gensonix DBMS System and has 30+ years of Business systems development experience. He is the author of the NSQL® Language. He has also designed the LDWA series HPC server systems incorporating 172 Cores, 172 DB nodes, 180TB storage, 176GB memory, for big data and large transactions management. 

He was awarded the TECHNOLOGY CEO of the Year USA 2015 award by Business Worldwide magazine and also was recognized as the VOICE of Big Data by The European magazine. Under his guidance, Scientel conducted one of the LARGEST DB runs for Supercomputers as benchmarked at Ohio State Supercomputer. He is a national speaker and has shared the podium with speakers from NASA, NSF, and IBM etc. He also appeared for a cover story article on CIOReview magazine and the Scientel Big data story has been published by Business Worldwide magazine, The European magazine, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, etc. He has held webinars at the University of Maryland Graduate School for Modern databases, as well as Big data solutions with EMC, etc.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Marketing Dollars and Sense?

In addition, we have a panel of experts who will guide you through importance of marketing budgets and plans.

Have you ever wondered what how much to budget for marketing in your financial plans? What makes sense? Our experienced panel will 'tell all' the ins and outs of marketing challenges and opportunities for startups during the early stages of customer acquisition and growth.

We hope that this will be of greater interest and value to founders and it will be a dynamic discussion between investors, founders and the audience.


We have an outstanding panel of investors and entrepreneurs.


Bob Chunn is a local entrepreneur and business person who started ContentOro, a company that provides unique web content from books.  He has spent nearly 30 years working for retail companies like Meijer, Kmart, Borders, Pet Supplies Plus and Sun and Ski Sports as a Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer and a financial professional.  Bob has hired and led diverse groups of marketing and sales professionals over his career and is currently working with several startups to help them achieve revenue and valuation targets and to create plans for future growth.  He specialized in B2C and B2B sales and marketing strategy and specifically in micro-targeting, a highly-efficient form of digital marketing.

Molly McFarland, Founder & CRO, AdAdapted, Inc. Molly McFarland has spent the last eight years designing and executing sales and marketing strategy for technology startups. Before founding AdAdapted, she held the Director of Marketing position at Amplifinity, where she worked with sales, product and executive management teams to translate vision into effective brand building, as well as prioritize product development to increase client loyalty and close rates. As founder and CRO of AdAdapted, Molly leads all aspects of sales, marketing, and client success, including: managing a direct sales team, business development, and account management/client success.

Patrick Garrity. Patrick is an entrepreneur, investor and SaaS security expert! At Duo, he currently leads product marketing and has previously lead sales and international expansion teams. While living abroad with his family of 4 in London, England during 2017, Patrick transformed Duo’s international business including expanding sales into over 25+ countries. Patrick is known for taking on the toughest challenges. Recently he committed to getting a Duo seal Tattoo if $10k was raised for Mott children’s hospital and the fund raiser completed with over $30k. Check out the video:https://duosecurity.wistia.com/medias/iefinbpkmz. Patrick has an associates degree in liberal arts from Oakland Community College.


Francis Glorie. In more than 40 years of executive leadership and technology startups, Francis has played critical roles in seven startups, four large-scale turnarounds and three large financial exits and post-merger restructurings in the IT and MedTech sectors. Throughout, he gained a reputation as a skilled strategist, negotiator and international business developer, driving partnerships and large transactions. Francis is currently an entrepreneur in residence at TechTown Detroit, a board member at  New Enterprise Forum  in Ann Arbor supporting many Southeast Michigan technology startups as an acting CEO, coach or board member.


Mark your calendar. The meeting opens at 5:00 pm with networking and appetizers. Around 5:45 pm, the program portion of the meeting begins with an introduction from our President including upcoming entrepreneurial events and past NEF Showcase Presenter news. The program continues with our featured Showcase Presenter(s) who are graduates of the NEF coaching process. Depending on the month or otherwise noted, the program includes the engaging NEF Pitch Pit or intriguing topic and panel. The program typically finishes at 7:15 pm with more networking afterwards. Please feel welcome to join us.


The event is FREE. Registration is not required but recommended for planning purposes.