NEF Members

This page is a partial listing of NEF members. Our members are industry leaders with extensive experience across numerous fields. Want to have your listing shown among those already here - become a member!

Kristin Welch
Ford X
Areas of Expertise: Management, Operations, Strategy, Technology
Industry Experience: Automotive, Information Technology
Duane Williams
Mythic Consulting Group
Areas of Expertise: Management, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Strategy
Industry Experience: Financial Services

Duane Williams is a creative and dynamic business owner dedicated to developing, managing, and leading his organization into becoming a leading resource for business to business services. With over three decades of professional and service experience, Duane possesses a unique blend of strategic thinking, problem-solving, analytical, communication and presentation skills. Along with collaborative team building proficiency, Duane has extensive experience collaborating with personnel in multiple states, and from all employment backgrounds.