Showcase Presenter – Michael Moore, Founder and CEO of MedKairos

At the 2018 March Forum, Michael Moore presented MedKairos providing a product that is automating the cancer biopsy assessment process. Why? Because “20% of the cases (500,000 annually), the lab will determine that the sample’s quality is insufficient, and the patient must return so the surgeon can make another attempt.” For the patient, the biopsy procedure is frightening the first time, let alone having to go through it a second time to get a more accurate sample. For the hospital, a repeat biopsy is at the hospital’s expense. “Insurance providers do not reimburse for repeat biopsies. A single patient revisit will cost a health institution $3,000 to $5,000 in direct costs associated with equipment and personnel needed to repeat the procedure.”

MedKairos is “developing a device that allows clinicians to immediately determine if the sample they just collected is of sufficient size and quality, before sending it to the lab, while the patient is still in the room.” What a great idea.