Did You Miss the NEF March Forum?

The evening began with Fares Ksebati who introduced MySwimPro and was the showcase presenter. Even if you are not a swimmer, Fares convinced the audience about the need for his app which helps swimmers achieve their goals and lead healthier lives through personalized workouts, instructional video content, and analytics. The company’s free mobile apps and website help members track their progress, and measure improvement toward their goals. MySwimPro connects swimmers from over 150 different countries and leads the category of mobile fitness training for swimmers. The company has received international accolades by Apple, being named the Best App of 2016 for the Apple Watch and has been featured in Sports Illustrated. Fares gave a very professional and polished presentation

This forum was a Pitch Pit showcase. They are a lot of fun because, the presenters have not been coached on how to give a business pitch. They make all kinds of mistakes which the judges gingerly point out to help them do better the next time. We were treated to four presenters when there are usually three. Here is who they were and who won.

1.    Felicia Maxwell, from Fit4Life Health and fitness, LLC, told us about her efforts in creating a business around getting Detroit healthy again by combining health, nutrition, and physical fitness classes, services, and solutions for all age groups and backgrounds. Her holistic approach goes far beyond your typical gym.
2.    Charles Richison, from Creative Technology, demonstrated his LeafEasy tool which is an innovative way to collect leaves that does not require backbreaking bending. He made a leafy mess on the floor but was quick to show how easy his tool worked. The audience was impress and so were the judges. He won the prize of $231.
3.    Mark Couling, from Deeptalk, talk to us us about his product that develops voice & text bots that provide a reliable, pleasant, and sustained automatic conversational experience surpassing human assistance, centered on consumer facing businesses. Deeptalk is an artificial intelligence company that is revolutionizing how people interact with machines using deep conversational understanding.
4.    Norman Kutemperor, from Scientel IT Corporation, explained how Gensonix NoSQL Database is a new data base system to solve today’s big data problems.

As always, there were many people there. The food was great and the networking even better. If you are an entrepreneur or interested in entrepreneurship, New Enterprise Forum is the place to get connected.

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