About NEF

Our Mission

The NEF mission is to link entrepreneurs with management expertise, joint venture partners, business services, capital, and other critical resources. We are comprised of business professionals with a passion around helping entrepreneurs succeed.

The Program Committee is our coaching pool of professional expertise. Coaching teams are created from this group where the entrepreneur experiences our team-based presentation process through individualized and custom coaching. They are mentored by a NEF board member who keeps the team on track in coaching the entrepreneur to prepare a winning "pitch" culminating in a showcase presentation at a forum meeting. Coaches learn from one another and become experienced business coaches. It is a win win benefit!

The NEF Vision

  • Be the recognized resource in Michigan for preparing entrepreneurs to effectively communicate with potential investors and for coaching entrepreneurs through preparation and practice of investor pitches
  • Provide services to all regional, technology-focused startup companies ready to seek an equity investment
  • Function as a collaborative, cooperative, and diverse body within the entrepreneurial community where constructive and respectful communication and critique is both sought and acknowledged
  • Achieve a sustainable funding base from multiple sources for covering annual budgeted expenses for NEF programs and marketing

Is NEF For You?

NEF is for anyone interested in entrepreneurialism.

Entrepreneurs: If you are an entrepreneur seeking capital and feedback on your business opportunity, we have a coaching process that will train you to effectively communicate with investors. You will also be able to network with other entrepreneurs, resources, and mentors.

Stakeholders & Service Providers: If you are a sponsor or a service provider, we offer opportunities to grow your network with like-minded professionals and increase your business. Participating on coaching teams is a great way to experience our many benefits.

Investors: If you are an investor, we work with entrepreneurs you will want to get to know.

The NEF 34-year Book

During the past 34 years, NEF has coached over 400 companies. Read the story of how we got started and what’s happened including a year by year summary of companies coached, awards given, and rosters of NEF Board members. Click the NEF 34-Year Book link for a downloadable PDF file of our history of coaching, perfecting, and connecting.

The NEF 34-year Book