Benefits of being a Stakeholder

NEF's sponsors are the life-blood of the organization. By supporting NEF, Stakeholder businesses and organizations have declared their support for the regional entrepreneurial community. NEF encourages its members and participants to repay this dedication by availing themselves of these businesses products and/or services.

Membership Benefits

In addition to all regular Benefits for Being a Member, Stakeholder Sponsors enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Speaking time at a Forum meeting
  • Permanent name badges for five employees
  • Website profiles for five employees
  • Promotion of their products and services on the NEF website
  • Recognition at all meetings via signage

NEF Monthly Meetings

We encourage all members of our stakeholder organizations that are interested to attend our monthly meetings and to participate as members of our Program Committee and coaching teams.

Stakeholder Membership Costs

The annual fee for Stakeholder level membership is $500.

Sign up to become a stakeholder member here.

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