Get Coached

Value Of Getting Coached

If you are an entrepreneur seeking capital and feedback on your business opportunity, NEF has a proven coaching process for best investor communications. As part of our process, we help you to network with other entrepreneurs, resources, and mentors. In fact, about 1/3 of the money winners in local business plan/pitch competitions have gone through the NEF coaching process, and NEF will provide additional credibility to your efforts within the investor community.

Coaching Entrepreneurs

Our coaching process helps you prepare an investor presentation communicating the elements of your business plan potential investors want and need to hear most.

Perfecting The Investor Pitch

In addition to coaching, NEF provides input and can direct you to other resources that help you perfect your business plan and think through the elements of your plan that are most critical to your success. These critical elements are then incorporated into the Investor Pitch.

Connecting Entrepreneurs With Other Critical Resources

Once approved, your Executive Summary is sent to NEF's network of investors - those who recognize the add-on value that NEF provides and have asked to receive information on those who have successfully completed the NEF coaching process.

NEF Is A Volunteer, Non-profit Organization, There Is No Cost To Entrepreneurs For NEF Coaching

Entrepreneurs will be required to sign a Participant Release Form to allow NEF to promote final presentation materials and video for NEF marketing purposes as a condition of receiving a NEF coaching team.