Recent New Enterprise Forum Showcase Presenters, MySwimPro and Parabricks are amongst the winners in the 2017 GreenLight Business Model Competition hosted at Michigan State University on March 29, 2017. MySwimPro, a fitness application aiming to help swimmers improve performance won the $40,000 grand prize (sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corp.) and Parabricks Inc., which uses proprietary technology to speed up DNA analysis, received $2500 prize.

Several startup companies from Ann Arbor community are amongst the winners of this year's competition. 

The GreenLight Michigan Business Model Competition is an early-stage pitch competition that brings together entrepreneurs and small business supporters from all over Michigan. Competition finalists will pitch ideas to a panel of seasoned judges, while also networking with angel and venture capital investors from across the state.

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Congratulations to MySwimPro and Parabricks!

The evening began with Fares Ksebati who introduced MySwimPro and was the showcase presenter. Even if you are not a swimmer, Fares convinced the audience about the need for his app which helps swimmers achieve their goals and lead healthier lives through personalized workouts, instructional video content, and analytics. The company’s free mobile apps and website help members track their progress, and measure improvement toward their goals. MySwimPro connects swimmers from over 150 different countries and leads the category of mobile fitness training for swimmers. The company has received international accolades by Apple, being named the Best App of 2016 for the Apple Watch and has been featured in Sports Illustrated. Fares gave a very professional and polished presentation

This forum was a Pitch Pit showcase. They are a lot of fun because, the presenters have not been coached on how to give a business pitch. They make all kinds of mistakes which the judges gingerly point out to help them do better the next time. We were treated to four presenters when there are usually three. Here is who they were and who won.

1.    Felicia Maxwell, from Fit4Life Health and fitness, LLC, told us about her efforts in creating a business around getting Detroit healthy again by combining health, nutrition, and physical fitness classes, services, and solutions for all age groups and backgrounds. Her holistic approach goes far beyond your typical gym.
2.    Charles Richison, from Creative Technology, demonstrated his LeafEasy tool which is an innovative way to collect leaves that does not require backbreaking bending. He made a leafy mess on the floor but was quick to show how easy his tool worked. The audience was impress and so were the judges. He won the prize of $231.
3.    Mark Couling, from Deeptalk, talk to us us about his product that develops voice & text bots that provide a reliable, pleasant, and sustained automatic conversational experience surpassing human assistance, centered on consumer facing businesses. Deeptalk is an artificial intelligence company that is revolutionizing how people interact with machines using deep conversational understanding.
4.    Norman Kutemperor, from Scientel IT Corporation, explained how Gensonix NoSQL Database is a new data base system to solve today’s big data problems.

As always, there were many people there. The food was great and the networking even better. If you are an entrepreneur or interested in entrepreneurship, New Enterprise Forum is the place to get connected.

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On February 23, the 9th Annual Global Automotive & Mobility Innovation Challenge (GAMIC) completed the semi-final round at NextEnergy and NEF played a significant role in the event.  Our Stew Nelson was one of the judges, and several teams moving on to the finals were mentored by NEF Board Members.  GAMIC is a joint effort between the MI Innovation Alliance, Society of Automotive Engineers, and NextEnergy.

The GAMIC quarter-finals started in October with over fifty participants from across the world and the thirteen finalists will be competing on April 4 from 1:00 to 5:00 at the SAE World Congress (WCX’17) at the Cobo Center for over $300,000 of cash and in-kind commercialization assistance.  

More information about GAMIC including the names and descriptions of the finalists can be found at
For free general admission to the WCX’17 exhibition floor and GAMIC Finals competition, register here.

As part of the inaugural MedHealth Summit, an event organized the the MedHealth Regional Innovation Cluster (, this past February 14 at TechTown Detroit, a group of about 250 MedHealth entrepreneurs and professionals gathered for a day of information sharing and networking.

At this exciting event (see, 5 startups finalists were competing for 3 cash prizes of $10,000, 5,000 and 2,500 respectively. NEF was happy to provide a team of coaches to help prepare the finalists for their 5-minute investor-style pitch.

And the winners were:

  1. Steri-Dev, and its CleanCase™ disposable smart-phone case for use in sterile medical environment.
  2. Melius Outcomes, A SAAS platform for clinical quality improvement in hospitals
  3. Find your Ditto, a mobile platform that connects individuals living with the same chronic illness locally for on-demand, in-person peer support.  

Melius Outcomes was also the NEF Showcase presenter at its February 16 meeting.

On February 16, NEF awards forum set a new record in attendance. Many business cards were exchanged as new connections were made.

Dykema has been a NEF Stakeholder for several years. Tom Vaughn informed the audience that they help startups with all kinds of legal services. Of note is their Emerging Business Tech program which provides a suite of services to help entrepreneurs secure financing.

Good news was shared about two companies NEF influenced through the coaching process. Araianna Carley of AOE Medical sold the business in May. AOE was a medical device company that solved the problem of patient transfer within care facilities. She will be finishing up her Mechanical Engineering degree at the U of M this year.

HireNiche wrote a testimonial about their experiences with the NEF coaching process. While they did not present at a forum, they are growing the business of recruiting job boards. They thanked NEF for their coaching expertise that helped them expand their business and acquire similar companies with in their core focus area.

AkkeNeel Talsma of Melius Outcomes was the showcase presenter. They provide software-enabled clinical intelligence solution for point-of-care quality improvement to address gaps in current performance. It was interesting in that hospital errors are the third leading cause of death and usually due to poor reporting of information. Their software analyzes trends, causes, and actions to get the correct information to the correct people at the right time which saves lives and the cost of care for hospitals.

Out of nine teams, four were presented with awards for their outstanding 2016 presentations in three categories:

The Best Business Model went to Bert Tiger Whitehead IV, CEO of PlanetXLaw. They provide software that enables lawyers to profitably provide more affordable legal services to more clients at lower costs.


The Best Technology went to Mehrzad Samadi, CEO of Parabricks. They provide whole genome sequencing data to insight in one hour.


The Best Presentation went to Nestor Lopez-Duran, CEO of Ripple Science. They accelerate life science research by helping research teams become more efficient and effective in the recruitment and management of research participants.


Stew Nelson, our own New Enterprise Forum President will be the breakfast keynote speaker at the 2017 SESI Entrepreneurship Conference on February 10.  The breakfast will start at 8:30 am, and the breakfast keynote will start at 9:15.  Lunch will be served at 12:00 pm with Michelle Crumm, EMU Regent and entrepreneur, as the lunch keynote speaker.

This is a free event sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Eastern Michigan University College of Business.  Please visit the following url for registration:

There will also be four more speakers for breakout sessions. Skandalaris Business Plan Competition presentations (high school and college) will start at 1:15 pm. The event will be over at 2:15 pm.

Sometimes start-ups going through NEF coaching get recognition before even completing the coaching process.  That is the case for MySwimPro ( and its founder, Fares Ksebati.  Close to the turn of the new year, Fares saw mention on Facebook that MySwimPro had been named the Apple Watch App of the Year.  Then he saw the Apple press release online.  MySwimPro offers custom workouts for swimming enthusiasts and has gained lots of attention, having gone through the University of Michigan’s Desai Accelerator, DTX Launch, and Techstars’ Startup Next program.  Fares says that the attention from Apple likely comes from MySwimPro’s co-founder, Adam Oxner, leveraging Apple’s HealthKit technology to develop the app.  That, plus MySwimPro has exceeded 100,000 users a few months ago.  Congratulations to Fares, Adam, and MySwimPro for this deserved recognition.

More information can be found through News Break at:

The 45 people who attended the October 20 NEF Forum meeting were treated to both an investor presentation by Parabricks and the bi-monthly NEF Pitch Pit.

Mehrzad Samadi, founder of Parabricks, presented his ‘big idea’ – a software solution to accelerate the processing of DNA data from days to hours, allowing faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatment.  The audience was impressed not only with the lives that can be saved with Parabricks’ solution, but also the huge investment potential for the business.

Three intrepid entrepreneurs competed in the Pitch Pit:

It was fun to see such a diverse set of start-ups pitching!

And the three judges:

  • Robb Lippit of VC firm Secret Sauce Capital,
  • Paul Nucci, Assistant Director for Internal Community Partnerships at EMU’s College of Business
  • Vic Havele of technology consulting firm CAE Tech

The judges’ comments were well received, and the winner of $400 (including a generous $200 match from Secret Sauce Capital) was Sean Carrol, founder of Enbiologics.  Congratulations, Sean!

The fact that each presentation received immediate, specific, and actionable feedback from the panel of judges exemplifies precisely the value of New Enterprise Forum meetings to aspiring entrepreneurs and echoes the themes emphasized repeatedly in our coaching process:  Whatever the product or service an entrepreneurial company may be developing, there are fundamental business elements that must be thoroughly planned and clearly presented to create a credible “pitch” -- and a sound business plan.

Our thanks and best wishes to Parabricks and all the pitch contenders!  We look forward to following your on-going growth and progress.

Civionics, an Ann Arbor startup and leader in sensor-driven predictive analytics, has been recognized by TiEcon Midwest as an ‘Elite Entrepreneur’ on the TiE list of Top-20 Early Stage Startups.  NEF is proud of Civionic’s ( recognition, given NEF’s role in having coached Civionics on its investor presentations.  Beyond this, we are especially pleased that the recognition extends to Gerry Roston, Civionic’s CEO and past President of the New Enterprise Forum.  

Congratulations to Gerry and Civionics!!

Workit Health, and founder Lisa McLaughlin, were the People’s Choice winner at this year’s Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition (  Workit ( has been gaining traction and attracting investors, and the AMIC $25,000 prize is further confirmation of the quality of the Workit Health proposition and Lisa and her team. 

The New Enterprise Forum is pleased to have had the opportunity to coach Lisa as she refined Workit Health’s initial presentation to investors, and we are proud to see her continue to successfully update her presentation and successfully attract investor attention. 

Congratulations, Lisa!!