NEF Pitch Pit

Before you spend your precious time and savings on it, vet your business idea in front of an experienced panel of judges and an encouraging audience. The judges will select the best presenter who will be awarded a cash prize. More importantly, you will receive constructive feedback for moving your business idea forward and will meet like-minded people who will give you tips on how to succeed.

NEF Pitch Pit Process

How to Apply

Application Selection

  • Applicants are selected by the NEF Pitch Pit Committee, whose decision is based upon; the clarity of the business concept, uniqueness in being able to rise above the industry competition, and audience engagement 'quirky' factor
  • Entrepreneurs can apply for more than one Pitch Pit event, but become ineligible after winning a cash prize
  • Applications are reviewed and three contestants are selected. The Pitch Pit Committee will notify each contestant, via email or phone, to confirm their availability for the Pitch Pit date for which they applied

The Four-Minute Pitch

  • The Pitch should be all about your idea and why people would buy it. Describe more about the benefits of using your product versus its features
  • Props may be used, such as; actual prototypes, large photos, or sketches. PowerPoint slides are not permitted
  • The presentations should be simple and engaging – but no more than four minutes – you will be timed!

The Judging

  • Three experienced entrepreneurial judges will determine the winner and give constructive feedback for each presenter
  • Presenters are tasked with convincing the judges their product is worth buying by a large number of customers
  • The sum of the highest scores wins the cash prize unless there is a tie where the winners split the cash

The Prize

  • First Place: $250 cash prize. 
  • The cash prize winner also receives a bragging rights certificate recognizing them as the NEF Pitch Pit Champion
  • Pitch Pit Winners and Presenters will be featured in NEF Public Relations materials and website