Dr. David Keren, CEO
Thursday, 24 January 2019 - 5:00pm

CEO/Chair of the Board:  David F. Keren, MD.  As a senior clinical pathologist, Dr. Keren served 22 years at the helm of Warde Medical Laboratory.  In addition, Dr. Keren has many years of leadership experience at the University of Michigan including Director of the Clinical Laboratories and Chair of the Molecular Test Committee. He also has held leadership positions on several non-profit professional boards including serving as President of the American Board of Pathology.  Dr. Keren provides experienced and capable leadership to InheRET.

InheRET, Inc. is a startup SaaS company from the University of Michigan developing decision support software to identify patients at increased risk for hereditary diseases and increasing patient access to preventative care.  The InheRET online family history collection and interpretation tool addresses the time, accuracy and interpretation of family history barriers faced by clinicians and streamlines the process into easy-to-understand reports with clear next steps for healthcare providers and patients alike.  InheRET currently focuses on hereditary cancers, but aims to expand to other hereditary diseases in the near future.