Life Magnetics


Kevin Hagedorn, Ph.D., President
Thursday, 19 September 2019 - 5:00pm

Kevin Hagedorn, Ph. D. is a materials scientist with nine issued patents and seven peer reviewed publications. His expertise is using physics simulations to design materials, devices, and products. He's applied this expertise to a diverse range of problems including the design of solar cells, laser cutting and welding equipment, and now to the transport and storage of RNA for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. He's won two small business grants from the National Science Foundation to develop the product.

Life Magnetics manufactures products for processing, storage, and transport of RNA. RNA testing accounts for 40% molecular testing in medical diagnostic labs and research labs, but it's a difficult molecule to work with. Unlike DNA, which is stable for hundreds of years, RNA is stable for only 28 minutes. RNA shipping and transport is set to become a major obstacle for biopharma as RNA drugs and RNA diagnostics are predicted to be two of the biggest growth sectors. The company has the best solution to date for this 40-year-old problem with NASA proposing to use the product on a mission to the International Space Station in 2020.