eScapes Network LLC


Robert A. Oklejas, Founder & President
Thursday, 18 July 2019 - 5:00pm

eScapes Network LLC is a Michigan company that has developed, patented, and produces Therapeutic Relaxation Television whose purpose is to provide anti-stress and anti-anxiety entertainment to both public and private networks. Our first private network product, Relaxation Dental TV has been endorsed by five state dental associations and is now enjoyed by nearly 600 dentists, their staff, and thousands of patients. These Private Television Networks are monetized by Verizon Media’s programmatic advertising platform.

After graduating from college in 1970 Robert enlisted in the US Navy and served in the Vietnam War. Spending nearly four years on an ammunition ship introduced him to the world of power machines and electro hydraulics, so after service he entered the power plant construction industry where his career in that industry culminated with the supervision of  the installation of all machine components of the Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant. During those years, he and his brother Eli developed and patented several hydraulic pump and turbine devices for the desalination industry that lead to the formation of Pump Engineering Inc. in 1986. Pump Engineering sold in late 2009 for $27 Million, an ROI of 3400% for investors. Robert was now “free” to pursue an opportunity he had identified, which was combining radio like programing with television, now known as Therapeutic Relaxation Television.