Randy Kuckuck
Thursday, 15 October 2020 - 4:00pm

Randy Kuckuck is co-inventor of the ZoomBroom and CEO of Aceleon, the company which is developing the ZoomBroom.  ZoomBroom makes cleaning off your deck, patio, sidewalks, and steps a breeze. Its slim, lightweight design makes it easy to store in a convenient location in your home, so it is always handy and ready to tackle these cleaning challenges. Leaf blowers are great for clearing leaves off your yard in the fall, but the ZoomBroom is designed for more common, everyday tasks around the house.

Randy is a graduate of MSU and Loyola Marymount Law School in Los Angeles. Randy started his business career as CFO of BookCrafters in Chelsea, MI. He then joined All Media Guide in Ann Arbor as COO. He helped grow AMG from $2M to $10M in revenue and positioned it for sale to Tivo for $72M. He has also served as COO of Muze. In 2010 he founded PublishNext, an online book publisher, which he later sold to Thomson-Shore in Dexter. Since the sale of PublishNext, he has worked as a consultant, started a non-profit, and is a presenter at publishing conferences.