Bill O'Neill
Thursday, 19 November 2020 - 4:00pm

CardioGenerics offers innovative, reusable/disposable surgical devices. CardioGenerics has redesigned the traditional, single-use, disposable heart stabilizer into single-use suction pods that snap onto a multiple-use flexible arm.  The hard-to-clean, blood contact parts are designed for single use.  The flexible arm is expensive.  Hospitals can clean and re-sterilize the flexible arm multiple times at half the cost of single-use heart stabilizers.   These products will save a hospital $1300 or 4.2% for every surgery done on Medicare patients.    These savings could be the difference between profit and loss for Medicare reimbursed surgeries.  This patent pending innovation of splitting single use devices into single and multiple use components could disrupt the $156 billion medical device market.

Bill O’Neill is the founder of CardioGenerics and a veteran of three medical device startups.  His first startup, InnovX Medical, received FDA approval for a cardiac surgery product and was later sold to a division of Johnson and Johnson.  Bill has worked at many medical device firms including J&J Ethicon, Medtronic and 3M Health Care.  While director of R&D at Medtronic, Bill’s team of engineers grew the division from $8MM to over $75MM in five years with innovative, organically grown, cardiac surgery products.  Bill earned both his bachelor and master degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University.