Tips On How To Improve Your Pitch Deck

Blog, by Mike Flanagan, Michigan Angel Fund

“It’s simple, it’s just not easy.” -unknown

The pitch deck (a slide presentation designed to attract investors) is a necessary tool for tech startups trying to raise money. In addition, developing a good pitch deck can be a powerful exercise in helping you improve your thinking about your business and refine your plan. I stress this second point because many entrepreneurs view the pitch deck as an annoying, but necessary evil. Most entrepreneurs are running 100 mph and have many varied and complex issues to address. But if you slack on your pitch deck, it will show. And it’s often your first appeal to investors (hopefully not your last). The real bonus is that it forces you to slow down briefly and see the forest for the trees, and take a more objective view of your business. In that sense, it’s probably helpful even for entrepreneurs not planning to raise outside money. Read more at: