Sep 2017 Showcase Presenter: Circadian Risk

Daniel Young, Founder, and CEO of Circadian Risk explained what his business was all about. Circadian provides “risk software to enhance and empower physical security consultants.” Here is a brief summary of the problem and solution Circadian addresses:

“Every company evaluates the risk of a physical undesirable event in hopes to mitigate or prevent that incident. Until now, risk professionals have used paper based assessments and methods to analyze this risk. By using paper based methods, vital data has been lost that would allow experts to understand risk dynamically. As a result, the industry is reactive and usually waits for incidents to happen, then responding, due to the lack of predictive analytics. There is also an absence of overall standards due to fragmented sectors. Companies and buildings need to know their TRUE RISK to prepare correctly, to reduce loss, and save lives.”

“Circadian Risk creates iOS platforms to empower security consultants and professionals with technology and analytics that increases their efficiency and effectiveness within the $2 Billion risk assessment industry. By sharing sector-specific intelligence data with companies, insurances and government, events can be prevented.”

Learn more about Circadian at: