Entrepreneurs' Tech War Stories With A Twist

At the NEF November forum meeting, Scott Taylor, Steve Schwartz and Michael Sherman changed things up a bit when discussing Entrepreneurs’ Tech War Stories. Each of them put the audience in the entrepreneur’s driver seat by using real-world examples of company technology dilemmas and then asked the audience to choose what they would do. The room was divided into two groups and then asked to defend their position. In each of the scenarios, more information became available and the audience could change sides based on new facts. For those who changed their positions, they were asked why. Needless to say, they kept us all guessing. It was surprising to learn how similar the points of the audience and the entrepreneur’s management team were. In the end, the audience was told what position the company chose. However, some of the decisions will not play out for years to come which highlighted the point of the exercise in that entrepreneurs make decisions today that can sink the business tomorrow. It all depends on the information available at the time of the decision and the flexibility of the company to adapt to changes in that information to either stay the course or chose a different path.