Mandy and Pandy's Mission to Make Learning Chinese Fun

At the January NEF Forum, Chris Lin, CEO of Mandy and Pandy, explained how his teaching tools makes learning Chinese fun for young children. China and the U.S. are the world's largest economies and largest trading partners. Kids who learn Chinese will have a competitive advantage in the future global economic environment. Yet, there is a large shortage of Chinese teaching programs in the U.S. language education industry. The Mandy and Pandy Curriculum was developed for American kids to have fun, engage, and learn interactively as opposed to rote memorization. Included in the materials is a unique character training app that teaches kids how to correctly write Chinese characters. Chris has identified several school districts to sell his curriculum. So far, Mandy and Pandy has traction with Dexter, Ann Arbor Districts, and Oakland County Schools. Look for them on Amazon.  A TV show is planned to launch in 2021 to achieve rapid revenue growth for the company. Visit them at: