NEF May Pitch Pit Winner

There were four startup companies who presented at the NEF May Forum. Leann Abad of Vicinity told us about is his idea of a platform that connects travelers to local tour guides for on-demand tours. Similar in concept to Uber, the tours are a creative way to experience destination cities. Blake  Osecki of Modular Home & Garden explained how his DIY garden box product is modular and can be as large or as small as the customer desires. The garden boxes are affordable and easy to install. Gail Brown of Platters Chocolatier, explained how her chocolates create a pleasant customer experience for luxury hotels. She makes gourmet custom molded chocolates for corporate branding and promotions. Kiley Judge of Quirk described the health benefits of her drinking fruit vinegars. The fruit flavoring of the vinegar makes them delicious and refreshing. Each of the four companies had interesting products and gave great presentations. As you know, there can be only one overall winner. The $202 prize went to Blake Osecki of Modular Home & Garden.