Ann Arbor Healthcare Hackathon

Have you ever thought 'there must be a better way' or 'I wish there was...' in the context of healthcare? This year's non-profit Ann Arbor Health Hacks topic ( goes beyond just health but blends into equity and we need your help in getting the word out. 

Here are the top three misconceptions about participating in a Healthcare Hackathon:

1) I don't know anything about healthcare/ coding/ engineering. 

- GREAT! Magic happens at the intersection of team members with different skill sets. Nobody is too old, too young, too educated or not educated or skilled enough. Passion beats skill!  (you must be 21+ to participate).

2) I don't have an idea to pitch or work on.

- GREAT! That's why we have excellent keynotes to inspire problems you might want to solve.

3) I can't work through the night.

- GREAT! Many people go home for a few hours. if you live far away, accommodations are available, just ask. 

The organizers of  Ann Arbor Health Hacks ( invite you to find out how your skills can make a difference over the weekend of June 22-24 during their third annual healthcare hackathon. This year, the focus is on low-resource settings with a special track on transition into independence for people with disabilities.

The event is an opportunity for design, engineering, IT, healthcare and business professionals, students and entrepreneurs to come together to brainstorm and prototype new healthcare solutions. More info and registration at

There is always a reward if you read a long article to the end: please mark your calendar for the annual Summer party Saturday July 28 and remind me if you didn't get an invite by then. 

Many thanks for your support!

Diane Bouis, PhD, MBA

Cell +1-734-272-1348