Call for Applications to GAMIC 11th Annual Competition

GAMIC – Shortening the path to commercialization in the auto / mobility industry

The 11th Annual Global Automotive and Mobility Innovation Challenge (GAMIC) is now open to innovators and their companies.   The entrants compete for over $350,000 in total prizes. But GAMIC's prizes are different. You can burn through cash quickly. GAMIC offers In-Kind, Professional services and contacts for the North American mobility space.

Commercialization time for start-ups in the automotive mobility space can take 2 to 3 times that of the start-ups in the Innovation / Consumer Electronics space.  We offer speed to market, putting winners in front of decision makers in large organizations who have a need for the types of products offered by our winners and a budget to explore those. Judged by automotive executives from OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers as well as seasoned contributors from the entrepreneurial community, GAMIC is a unique competition.

The GAMIC organizing committee is made up of auto industry executives with close ties to decision makers at all major OEMs and many Tier 1 suppliers as well as experienced entrepreneurs.  Building on such a rich network, GAMIC offers over $300,000 in auto industry professional guidance – from business development to IP support to PR, as well as assistance with key high-level industry connections.  These benefits are the invaluable key to accelerated commercialization by opening doors that the cash prizes by many other competitions simply cannot.

A number of GAMIC alumni are already in production as 2nd tier suppliers; others have licensed their technology to major Tier 1 suppliers, received development contracts from industrial partners, and/or received government funding for further product development.  All semi-finalists receive exposure to multiple Midwest-US and Canadian angel groups.

GAMIC is pleased to announce that it is open for applications for its 11th annual competition. 

Who should apply?  Companies that fit the following criteria:

  • Innovation space: Automotive and/or mobility applications
  • Innovation type: physical (mechanical, chemical, electrical), and/or digital product/systems, testing, manufacturing or other enabling innovations
  • : Less than $500,000 in funding or revenue to date
  • State of innovation advancement: Developed a proof-of-concept and/or a working model
  • State of business planning: Developed an initial business plan covering the technology and a go-to-market plan
  • : Willing to present in-person or via video conference at quarter-finals  in Northern California; Southeast Michigan; or Ontario, Canada

You can find more information on the applicable technology sectors for GAMIC and application instructions at our website at .  Applications due date is 15 October 2018.  Apply at .